Hi! I’m a fashion writer, journalist, social media-y person, and adamant first-person speaker based in New York City. I recently graduated from Parsons School of Design, with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism + Design and a minor in Fashion Communications. I’m currently the Community Editor of TRILL, where I get to lift up independent streetwear designers on a vibrant global platform.

I enjoy writing about people, culture, and fashion, particularly streetwear, particularly through a gendered lens. You can find most of my words in Input Magazine, CR Fashion Book, and the New School Free Press. I have also worked in social media and community management for 71 Magazine and Coffee ’n Clothes. For my senior thesis I launched a women’s streetwear magazine titled Aries, which you can keep up with here

If you’d like to work together, say hello at giosterman98@gmail.com or connect with me on LinkedIn and/or Instagram (where you can also find my mediocre film photography and Brooklyn banana bread rankings).